A Very Important Message to the Ladies Out There

On a completely serious topic, I would like for a minute to grab the attention of the girls, women, ladies, whatever you prefer to be called in this “politically correct” era of time. Ladies, we here at BWOAK have noticed an extremely strange epidemic striking all of you, and think it’s high time to speak out on this topic. Is this as serious to some as to others? No probably not. Does this apply to every girl in the world?…absolutely not.

Girls, what I am talking about regards your mistreatment of the opposite sex…us. See girls, it seems that many of you are suddenly having this revelation that you are young, and need to be free and not feel tied down so young. My friends, what I have to say is this is nonsense. Many of you come to this realization, not in the emotional safety of being single, but when you have gained the love and trust of a partner. To you, this may make sense, and maybe an unquestionable excuse as well as bottom line…this however, is not the case.

Ladies, I’ve noticed more recently, this excuse that you’re a particular age, of a youthful genre, and must be free to live life, see what’s out there. I say, okay…but don’t go diving into a world of monogamy when you can’t handle it. This is a major problem that has been rising and to put it bluntly, it’s fucking pissing the shit outta me. You see, what I see is almost the same story. I don’t know what defines “living life,” however, what basically will happen is as follows; you will break up with someone who is set to be with you and have no real grounds to do so. Following this act, you will wind up in another relationship only a few months if not weeks later, or days even (all supposing you haven’t already) in the same situation, and for some reason, this change is really what was meant by “living life” and not and end to all of it for an allotted time.

It gets better, this situation will repeat itself. The best part is, if your first break up occurs with a guy who actually is nice enough to be your friend after you rip his heart out sees you going out with someone else after saying it’s not what you wanted, you will only add to his suffering, you grow to be a liar in his eyes. Eventually, you’ll come to realize that you have basically spent the time, instead of remaining happy with someone who you really liked, who did nothing wrong, jumping from guy to guy, doing the same thing, only adding to more emotional stress, for you some, but probably much more for each guy…and for what? It’s for selfish reasons that in the end don’t even begin to add up. And don’t for a minute believe that issuing a warning holds any ground. No warning in the world can prepare someone for an ordeal such as this to take place. Time continues, attachments are made, and hormones are released. The perspective changes, and falling back on the warning as an alibi simply doesn’t fly well. Chance be it, you may find yourself alone, realizing how much you let get away, because nothing was good enough for you. To this, we present a very powerful…thumbs…down.

Look at reality; if you’re happy with someone, there is no reason to end things. Mainstream society seems to have beaten it into you all that you simply can’t be happy with one partner for a long amount of time in your youth. No one seems to understand that the reason you have seconds, thirds…is because the previous ones do not work out. Not that you need to have a certain number more than one (or a greater number) and therefore must end things.

Think about it, you’re telling every guy in the world, that if they do anything wrong, that they are going to lose you. Cheating, lying, stupid irritations…all grounds for a breakup, yet all these things have the chance of not happening. Then what happens, it crashes down anyway? Why? You’re telling your partner that the relationship must end, since it is lasting, and can last.

I would like to take a moment and reflect on the little hope guys should have at this point. You girls have spend an exorbitant amount of time claiming and trying to prove to the world that guys are all pigs, and assholes, and mistreat girls, and here you are, doing what you’re doing. Did you ever stop and look at the big picture? This is why, this is why guys get how they do, because girls like you beat it into us, and we give up after we discover that it’s hopeless. Why should a guy be perfect? So that he can be told that things can’t last forever “just because.” How is it that guys are someone tainted with the reputation of being the “bad ones” when I am surrounded by countless amigos who all have been loyal, honest, and most of all loving to your people, and all of this is never enough for you…constantly craving on just how much more you can get? All of you girls look at the big picture…and most importantly…grow up! You’re acting like spoiled immature brats.

The final question to you is…no, let me start again. My statement to you girls is: How dare you make remarks about how flawed guys are, and bash us for so much with credentials like this on your résumé. And how dare you all push for monogamous relationships, when you are all the ones who choose to say that it’s being “tied down.” Learn when to draw the line. Why are you bothering placing yourselves out there to date and get involved with guys, knowing full well you are not ready for this realm? No longer should there any talk of guys being irresponsible to be passed around in, at least BWOAK‘s presence anyway.

The unfortunate thing is, words won’t even begin to describe the emotion behind these simple words you are all seeing. This is a concept, one that you either get, or don’t. Lately it seems to be clear, that it’s mostly the girls that simply don’t”

A very Disappointed “W”

Got something to say to me? In the words of the great Scott Hall, “Don’t sing it, bring it.”

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