Another Rant


People, people. Some movies suck, and no matter how hard to try to convince me otherwise, you’re incorrect. Requiem For a Dream….worst movie I have ever seen I think. Dispite all the hype I got about it, it sucks. 2 hours too long of a shitty after school special that coulda been finished in like 20 minutes. Jesus lord almight, that movie was pure shit! I felt sick after it, it gave me a headache. Anyway, you want to see a good drug movie? Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is the best. Way better that Requiem for some Cream. Stupid shit. House of 1000 Corpses wasn’t the greatest horror movie ever, but you know what, it was 100% better that the crap that passes for horror now. Like the Ring, fuck the Ring, the Ring sucked.


Evansuckass is a horrible band. They are like Lacuna Coil, except one hit wonders, and have no talent. If you can listen to Evensentence and then listen to Lacuna Coil and tell me Lacuna Coil isn’t a good band, you’re a fucking retard and you don’t deserve to talk to me. Fuckass. For the rest of you, you’re smart and worthy. I’m also sick of System of a Down. They are talentless fools. Nice people, bad music. The lead singer sounds like he’s having convultions, and no it’s not artistic, it’s just not. It’s hard to look forward ten years and figure out which bands will make it. I have a feeling most bands won’t that are around now. 10 years is a long time, usually longer than the lifespan of most bands career’s. Time will tell which of today’s hit bands are for the ages. Until then don’t sell crap wrapped in gold foil, it’s still crap no matter what. Peace

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