Thanksgiving: Stupidest Holiday Ever!

What the fuck? Thanksgiving? What kind of stupid fucking Holiday is this? I’m the most patriotic person on the planet, and everyone knows that! But Thankgiving, I’m sorry, it’s inexcusable. Think about what it basically is. It’s Christmas without the fucking presents or tree! Compare it to other holidays. Look at Halloween…You get to dress up, and have a lot of fun for the night as something cool looking. People rent horror movies, have parties, etc… You get candy too! On top of everything else, it’s all about fun and sweets! Christmas, presents, a tree, a colorful fat guy named Santa who is boss of it all. What does Thanksgiving offer you? A turkey! A stupid DEAD BIRD! …and no, not a dead bird for everyone, ONE dead bird for EVERYONE to share. What’s great is that you wait with family, most people that you see once a year. Oh it’s so horrible. Here’s some pictures to further illustrate my point, in case you don’t believe me still.





More Fun…

Then you have Thanksgiving:



The cute cartoons of turkeys all over the place, well, those turkeys are going to be killed and eaten! Why are they so happy? That’d be like if for Halloween, we had candy all excited about getting harvested…or Santa…imagine him on death row. The mascot for Thanksgiving is eaten…annually. This “holiday” is just too much for me. Maybe our next president will make it more fun by making some gift-clause or trick or treating addition to it. Peace

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