It’s Alive!!

Heyo, it’s been a while. Let’s see…what’s new? OOH! My computer!! Yes that is correct. After 6 fucking years using the same PC (though it was loyal to me and I love it very much) it was time to finally start anew. For a long time, I made good use of this:

In February of 1998…that was the bomb system right there.
233 MHz of power, led by a powerful Pentium 2 Processor…and a whopping 32 megs of SD-PC133 RAM.
I also had a nice 4 gig 5400 rpm IDE hard drive…running Windows 95 baby!
Later, I upgraded 128 megs of RAM more so I had a nice 159 (the last meg was unaccounted for). I popped in a 40 gig Maxtor Hard drive, Added one CD-burner (it died) followed by another (because the first one died), and upgraded Windows…an assload of times…till I finally nailed down the boards with Windows XP after a while.

Now it was late 2003…and I realized that I couldn’t upgrade the same old system forever. I was ready to buy a new one…until I realized…I had gotten pretty deep in touch with what was going on inside of computers… so with the proper motivation, I decided to drop the idea of buying a new system from a big name manufacturer…or even a little one for that matter…I was going to do this myself, from scratch!

So I visited all the places I needed to visit…and bought all the parts I needed to buy. The finished product…

Behold! The Takertron! Before I brag about the inside, look at the outside.

This is the front…and it look very nice as the lights go down, as you can see. This is just the front panel though, behind it:

That’s right…nice combo CD-RW/DVD player…the standard floppy, and a universal flash card reader! boy did I set this baby up for everything!

So here you have 3.2 GHz of crushing Pentium 4 Power…with an 800 FSB and 1 meg Cache…a gig of DDR RAM (PC3200), more USB ports than I’ll ever need, nice sound card as part of the ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe Motherboard, 80 gig 7200 rpm SATA hard driveand a nice ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Graphics Card. This machine is some serious shit baby.

Finally, what it looks like at night:

I leave you with a video…of me turning on the computer…so you may all share in my enjoyment…even if just for a few seconds…a tiny bit. I have also updated it for you Mac people, and done this DivX style! Enjoy everyone! I apologize for ever using WMV, WMV? ONE!

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