Bush! Now it’s Personal

It was getting late. …I had so many bad luck cases that were preventing me from getting fucking Day of Reckoning. It just was escaping me around every corner. Meanwhile, George W. was in town for the Convention. Little did I realize this would affect me. Mikey told me to meet him, that he’d spot me some dough and I could get the game in Forest Hills that day. I left work at 6…I shoulda been in Forest Hills by 7 … absolute latest! I got there at almost 8. Something was wrong folks…the train kept stopping and waiting…it missed Woodhaven too…what was happening? I got back to Queens Blvd…and you’d think this would be swift, a few stops on the bus, and I’d be at my destination…Best Buy. I got there, no schedule? NO!

The bus stopped! What was happening?? Traffic was at a hault! I asked the bus driver to just let us off…he wouldn’t. 9:30 was approaching now…the time that Best Buy closes!! Finally, I got off…and a cop ran over to me and everyone else and demanded we get back on, his batton in tow…Well, it turned out that George W. was riding through…and that stuck up prick bastard had traffic backed up and haulted for a radius of about a mile and a time of about an hour before he was passing through. I finally got to Best Buy, and they didn’t have the game, the only place I could go was the other Best Buy… I rushed to the train, the side I needed wasn’t open. I finally got in…and got to Best Buy the next town over at 9:45. I WAS too late…this whole process should have taken all of an hour, from work in Manhattan to Forest Hills, it was nearing 10 PM, Luckily Best Buy let me slide and I got what I wanted. I will not forget how Bush tried to put a stop to my game playing. Bush, you don’t fuck with M2J and Wrestling Video games, even fucking Raw for X-Box…That’s the eighth deadly sin. I’m so fed up with him …and to have a personal reason to hate him now…just made it worse. Fuck you George Bush…fuck you in your Stupid Ass!

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