Top Ten Girls, Revision 1

Mila Kunis: I always liked her more than Donna on That 70s Show. Anyway, she also was in a movie with God once, so she gets many many extra points. She’s one of my all time faves. For the moment at least, she’s topping my list.



You had to know a wrestling chick would be on here…Well here she is, and she is fucking beautiful. Trish Stratus makes me as a wrestling fan happy, because plenty of guys who hate wrestling I can call gay if they don’t like her. Look at her! You don’t like her? GAY!



Megan Fox: She isn’t that famous, but she’s hot…and that’s all that matters. She puts lots of other girls to shame. Since posting this, I HAVE watched Teenage Drama Queen again.



An old buddy of mine and I picked her out when she was in Idle Hands, then back-tracked to flipper just to see her. She’s a keeper for the ages. The first Maxim I ever purchased was her on the cover, October 2004.


Eliza Dushku, I got to see her on the big screen in Bring It On, and I was never the same.


It maybe the way she dresses, but Scarlett Johansson is so friggin hot.


I have the biggest crush on Kirsten…not because she’s hot (which she is) but she seems like an awesome chick. She has charisma.


It won’t surprise me if you don’t know who this is. Her name is Alicia Witt.



Jaime Presley I don’t need to explain myself at all for this one.



She’s new to my list, but come on look at her…Amanda Bynes…look at the hotness. I have good taste. I’ve somewhat gotten over my lil moment with her. She’s ready to be knocked out at anytime.


HM 1

Brooke Hogan: That’s right God (Hulk Hogan) has a daughter…and she’s magnificent! What kind of girl would you expect to rise from the gene pool of God himself!? Well now she’s all famous and full of herself. She was like a well kept secret for a long time. Oh well…maybe she’ll be back one day.




Number 1(used to be), by far…my nickname for her is “The Hotness.” I picked this picture so that no one in their right mind could argue that she is the hotness. Look at the hotness…stare at the hotness…touch the hotness…Sadly though, she committed the unbardinable of all sins, she got married. Better yet, she got married to a child molester. She’s 21, he’s 40. He has A high school diploma older than her! Sheesh. What a waste. May 23rd, the day Branchamania died…Rest in Peace.

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