Top Ten Wrestlers+

Tied for Number 1:


The Devil


Number 2:

Bret “Hitman” Hart


Number 3:

Look at him! He’s the dead man!


Number 4:

Razor Ramon Chico!


Number 5:

What about me?? What about Raven!?


Number 6:

ECW Taz could kill just about anyone…and kill them in about a minute.


Number 7:

Stone Cold, What? Steve Austin, What? The Rattlesnake, What?


Number 8:

…and his name’s Matt!


Nummber 9:

Ooooooh Yeah! Dig it!


Number 10:

Everybody’s got a price!



NOW! We have to throw out some other credits:

Best announce team ever:

Jesse and Gorilla (RIP)


Best Tag Team Ever:


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Wrestlers+

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  2. i never liked jake roberts, hogan wuz overrated and still is, LOD is the best team ever, bobby heenan and gorilla best announce team ever, and i like hardy but he shouldnt even be mentioned in the same breath as some of these guys, and razor ramon/ scott hall has to be the best to never win the world title….damn shame he didnt cuz hes a legend in this business and highly underrated by many

  3. I agree with EVERYTHING jonjon said, especially about Hardy. Nothing bad to say about him, but listing him above Savage and Dibiase is a crime. Also, Legion of Doom, New Age Outlaws, Bushwhackers. ‘Nuff said.

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