The Simple Way to Make Routers Play Nice with Game Consoles

Revised on Nov 19, 2007: Formally titled: How to make rooms in Smackdown Vs. Raw using a D-Link Router
This post is now a more the explanation of how to make game consoles with internet connectivity work with home network routers easily without playing with all the settings to intensely.

Well it’s the year of being more positive. So I figured, I’d help out those of you on the web who can’t make rooms in Smackdown Vs. Raw online using a D-Link router. I know, it’s not a rant, but hey, you don’t like it? F you!

So anyway, I got Smackdown the day it was released back in November. I ran home hooked it up and played. Suddenly I came across some bad news, everytime I made a room, it wouldn’t stick. People would try to join and they’d get booted. It sucked. I was devistated. I could join rooms, but not make them. This left me at the mercy of anyone who wanted to make a room. I needed to have the same abilities at them. First I turned my attention to the D-Link support page. No help there. Somehow, I came across a website just doing some learning as I am an geek and need to know everything. It listed the DMZ information for routers. DMZ = Demilitarized Zone. Basically, this means that whatever IP address you specify in the “DMZ” setting will be treated as if it has a direct connection to the internet, no router being used. So to do this, I first went to the router settings.

With D-Link, you do this by pointing your web-browser to, and of course logging in. This brings you here…

After arriving here. You must fire up the PS2 and connect to the server. After doing so you can click on the button on the left hand side that reads “DHCP.”

I’ve blurred out the MAC address and other IP address for security reasons obviously. The one you see there is the PS2’s network address. We now turn our attention to the “Advanced” tab.

Following loading up the advanced tab, the left hand side will have some different buttons. Click on DMZ. The number you see here is that same IP address as was my PS2. Yours will probably be different. You must Enable and fill in the appropriate information, followed by clicking “apply.” Now you can play Smackdown Vs. Raw with all of its bells and whistles at your hearts’ content. This method will probably work for some other games as well. I only use it for Smackdown though so what the hell do I know? You may have to periodically change this, as IP adresses change. But, this really does work and it …rocks the party that rocks the body. Peace.

P.S. I have a funny feeling of some sort now that I’ve tried to help people. …darn, it’s an erection, I just want ass.

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