I am ready to Rock and Roll Once Again!!

Sorry dudes, working late and 6 days a week, been burning the midnight oil. Well I got some time to throw down now. I decided to let everyone know what they’re missing. It seems as though most music that is out there now is garbage. Here’s what I’m gonna review.

Scum of the Earth

Review: 10

More: So what if the sound like Rob Zombie? They make songs that Rob Zombie isn’t making, and that….that’s cool. They have some things that other bands are missing these days…you know, melodies, energy, talent.


Review: 10

Totally M2J Style! They did what makes a metal band great. They took the hard grinding sound of the electric guitar and gave it melody, gave it life!! It’s nice to have a themed band again too. No more of this, “something for everyone.” Not even a fucking different mood. Don’t you hate that? You get an album and you wanna put it on and impress your friends. Show some girl what good music you have while you’re re-arranging her intestines, and then this one fucking stupid song comes on that completely contrasts the other fucking 8 1/2 songs. God damn, get over it. It’s like they’re not doing there job. Working in the same office, but doing a different job. Like if you were in charge of faxes and you decided to do copying as well (you fucking prick!).



Review 10

Wow, band of the year man! They have such a ten sound. Music like this is few and far between. It relaxes me and makes me happy to be alive and not deaf.



Review: 10

So here’s the dilly. Found a website called ytmnd.com. A nice guitar solo popped up in a bunch of cartoons. Finally, discovered it was Dragonforce, and that solo was from Fury of the Storm! Been hooked ever since.


The Veronicas

Review: 1

Don’t be confused, I just wanna fuck these broads.


The Birthday Massacre

Review: 10

So this band turns out is quite enjoyable. As for the chick lead singer…see above about the Veronics. Anyway, to these songs if you wanna hear about people getting stabbed and stuff, it’s still energetic.

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