The wait is over…Top Ten Girls of this Marking Period

It’s time, once again, for everyone to come aboard the HOOOOO TRAIN! This time around, we’re gonna count down, not up. It was tough getting the best of the best on this elite list today, but I pulled together and did it! I’m M2J after all. Some of these faces you know, some you will be meeting for the first time. Let’s begin….


Number 10….

Name: Adrianne Curry

Previous Rank: n/a


So this chick was America’s First Top Model. Then she went on to be a wash-up in the surreal life show on VH1. Now, there was that time on the show when she let everyone eat sushi off of her. That was hot, girls, take note…when you wanna give your man something special, just get him some nice food and feed it to him off of you. You will be please at his reaction. Unless of course you’re a disgusting fat ass. Then you shouldn’t have a boyfriend, but that’s besides the point.

Number 9…

Name: Eliza Dushku

Previous Rank: 5

Reason: She’s dropped a few places hasn’t she? Well that’s what happens I guess, new blood always needs room to roam. Sorry Eliza, unless you start doing something cool like dressing in red and yellow or showing up at my house WITH food, your time is almost up.


She still pops up every now and then, and she does have some appeal to her between like, girly girly … and those other kinds of girls…you know, the ones that like aren’t afraid of spiders.


Number 8…

Name: Estella Warren

Previous Rank: n/a


About 5 years ago, I found some picture of some anonymous hot chick. Whatever. A few years later, I’m watching Law & Order (the best show ever) and she was a guest star. Wow. So I look her up, been in a few movies. Turns out she was the chick in Planet of the Apes from 2001. I hadn’t seen the movie though so I wasn’t awre of the hotness. Look at the hotness, look at it! I wish I knew how to read so I could read whatever she was reading TO her … in my pants!


Number 7

Name: Jamie Pressly

Previous Rank: 9

Reason: Jamie has been doing some good work lately. She’s Earl’s ex-wifre in “My Name is Earl.” She’s funny and hot, you can’t go wrong.


Ironically, Jamie shares some work with others on this list. Later on down the count down, there is another gorgeous creation whom was in Mortal Kombat Konquest with her…the greatest show ever.


Number 6

Name: Jessica Alba

Previous Rank: 4

Reason: This is no fault of hers, some other young beauties have brushed passed her in the race here, I have a feeling she’ll be bouncing back up next time. She’s on a role right now.


It seems as though once she dyed her hair blonde, she got more roles and such. I don’t get it, same tits same ass, guess you girls should take not…hair is important. If you ever feel like you’re gonna shave your head … just do everyone a favor and kill yourself.

Number 5

Name: Kristanna Loken

Previous Rank: n/a


Hold on a second, shut up! I know what you’re thinking. “Ooh, the terminator girl and then Bloodrayne.” Well that’s incorrect. The first place I noticed this dame was the same place I noticed Jamie Pressly, that’s right, MK: Konquest. I’ve been watching her ever since, she wasn’t a blip on the radar just because she was so hard to find, suddenly she’s as famous as Jesus, without the diaper … so yeah, Tajah the Thief…totally hot.

Number 4

Name: Kari Sweets

Previous Rank: n/a


So this is an amatuer model I came across while browsing the web and being a pervert. She’s quite a looker though. I can’t determine if she’s like a trashy “take my clothes off because I can’t make money any other way” girl or if she’s like “I just wanna be a model and I’m chasing my dreams” kinda girl. But since she’s not as famous as the other 9 here, she needs some PR. So you can find her at Now it’s a pay site, and there’s no nudity (which in a way is good, because it goes to the latter description of her). I’d pay to see more of her, but…Asus is gonna be coming out with a new motherboard soon for my processor…

Note: This shot is brilliant, you get to see both sides of this darling…which is good for the exposure she needs to get bigger, not fatter, larger in popularity.

Number 3

Name: Kirsten Dunst

Previous Rank: 7

Reason: She’s hung in there and it’s about time she gets up to the top of the top, best of the best. She maybe on my top ten until she gets really old and dies.


She’s hot and she’s a girl you can take home to mom. She gets work, and that’s because she’s talented. The hotness is a bonus. This one is a keeper.

Number 2

Name: Mila Kunis

Previous Rank: 1

Reason: Well this somewhat gives you a hint who number 1 will be. She’s still an elitest as you can see. She just got bettered by a better dame for now.


Okay, so the bike, totally doing it for me. As for being a Ukrainian, well we all know I ended up with a thing for those people over the years. I wouldn’t change a thing about this dame.


Name: Trish Sratus

Previous Rank: 2

Reason: She’s so hot and she wrestles and she’s so hot.


So she finally made it. After a much deserved time at number 2. I mean, she’s so hot, and she’s wrestling related…hell, you couldn’t do any better in this realm! She’s got the features of a Playboy centerfold, and the athleticism of the Red Rooser Terry Taylor. I’d buy that for a dollar!


So concludes the top ten.

Honorable mentions: Prevous Rank: Brief Reason/Blurb:
Scarlett Johansson Six Guess it was the clothes
Megan Fox Three Do something new, cunt
Alicia Witt Eight Get a job, bitch
Charlize Theron n/a Loosen up you twat!

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