Uh oh…he’s Drink…drunk… (MArch 13, 2006)

So I’m wide awake on a breezy Monday morning night, actually I don’t know if it’s breezy, I’m inside. Anyway, I got to think ing a little bit and I decided to just throw out some random thought.s For one, to anyone who has wronged me in the past, I just have to wonder,,, what the fuck? Seriously, what did I ever do to you? Honestly, I’m willing to bet in fact that through out all the time I’ve known you, I have probably enriched your life somehow or another. Namely on the opposite side, I never took a damn thing back for any of it. Never did I retrieve anything or return the favor, I just was a plane damn nice guy. I can’t understand why you have selected me to snake your mongoose…if that makes any sense. Just close your eyes and thnk back to my roll in your life, and if maybe annoying at some times…did I ever do anything that bad?

You know what else? I don’t think women should be president! EVer!

Another thing I’m sick of is NTSC broadcast signals, enough already!

Furthermore, Podcasts rock, and if you don’t listen to podcasts, you’re living in the 20th century, which is 100 years ago already.

A lot of people have disagreed with some of my choices for the top ten girls, save it, you are all wrong.

Hulk Hogan still is God!

I have also been thinking about redesigning this site, anyone disagree, is it nice enough already?

Myspace annoys me so much! John C. Dvorak, whom I think worlds of calls it livejournal 2, and he’s pretty much right, I can’t think of many things he’s wrong about.

What the fuck happened to professional wrestling also?? I could give a shit about every character anymore. They’re all the same. I mean, back in the day, you never heard guys talk about winning the championship until 3 months until a championship match. Heck, the whole roster could go for years and not cross paths. Now it’s all “I’m gonna be champion” and then there’s a pay per view each month, that’s stupid. Matches used to be hyped for like months…I know it’s a money thing, 30 a month…just make 5 pay per views a year for 50 or 60, people will bite, especially if you know…there’s matches worth paying for.

Sirius radio is one of the best investments I ever … invested in. Without Howard in my daily life, I’d kill myself.

I HATE George Bush, he’s so ridiculously stupid, I can’t believe he got re-elected still. I hate the south, you guys should all be fucking nuked or form you own country and leave us alone. All we need to run this country is the entire North East, Illinois, Michigan, Florida, California, and Nevada. We also need to legalize prostitution, because … why the fuck not?

Abortion rocks!

Girls of the world…your AOL does not run slower because you “downloaded a lot of mp3s”

Nintendo is still the best by the way…The PSP is BS …P…. Get a DS and a portable media player. Fuck Sony, they’ve always been a shitty company. Other than a Playstation, I don’t think I’ve bought one Sony piece of hardware in like 10 years or so.

If you’re talking, you’re doing the wrong thing.

My eighth grade French Teacher, Ms Wang, was awesome but scary. Why? Because when she got fed up with you, she’d pull down her blouse and squirt you with her poisonous acid-like Milk! and she’d yell “MIIIILK” when she did it.

Girls, just because guys wanna fuck you does not make you hot. Guys will fuck anything really easily. The real test of how hot you are is if a guy will tongue you in a bad place.

Instead of taking vitamins, just eat food.

Don’t bother bitching about how great your cats are…I assure you mine are 1000 times cuter and have more personality.

Nobody likes Muslims

If I were rich, I wouldn’t donate to any charity, but I would probably invest money in making a big sign or banner proclaiming that I have not donated any money to charity, and fly it in a Helicopter in front of a charity place. Gotta let em know whose the bitch in this equation.

Whoever your childhood Superhero is…Hogan could beat them…The Green Ranger could smash him, Batman could bash him, and Palpatine could trash him.

I’ve decided to deem myself “Technophile” Hot right? Here’s a pic of 4 computers in my house right now…

Fuck you

That’s excluding 2 more.

Well everyone, I’m gonna be drunk off the net now…the 1st ammendment was fun, peace.

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