It’s Time Once Again, The Top Ten Girls!

As you should know by now, every once in a while, apparently not on any schedule, I put together a list of top ten girls. These are my selections for a given time period. Some of you who have paid close attention have probably discovered that my list has magical powers. Girls like Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson (namely) who appeared on this list several years ago went on to become some of the sexiest females in Hollywood. I have a good eye. Back when Megan Fox was on my list, there were no Maxims and movie caps, you couldn’t find anything about this girl, luckily I stumbled across that head-shot. Good grief, now she’s all over the place! Anyway, let us see what the top ten has to offer this time.

10. Kathleen Robertson


Although she has been in the business for some time now, she is one of those dames that gets better looking with age. She totally stood out in Tin Man has teh hawt. I don’t have much to saw because frankly, who wants to hear me drone on?

9. Lauren Cohan


Okay, so apparently she had a love scene with some dude in one of those Van Whatchamacallit movies, but she is also a regular on Supernatural (great show by the way) and well, that’s where I spotted her.

8. Kristanna Loken


If you this this has anything to do with her contemporary work, you’re an idiot. Myself and Alex noticed this one back in the late 90s during her run in Mortal Kombat Conquest. Even back then, the eye was good.

7. Jessica Alba


What can I saw, always a favorite, since Idle Hands.

6. Missy Peregrym


Yes, this picture is very boring. You know why? Try finding any decent picture of this gal! She’s super hot, and yet no one seems to realize this except me. Like Bret Hart, she is Canadian, she also has the cutest nose ever. Anyway, I’m hoping in two or three years, looking up this broad will allow one to easily locate dozens of pictures from photo-shoots that she will be doing.

5. Julia Ling


Oh boy folks, looks like I have the yellow fever. Again, another chick who you can barely find anything about because it’s just too damn early. She plays Anna on NBC’s Chuck. While everyone’s attention is that Yvonne Strahovski girl, I’m totally for this one.

4. Kristen Bell


Not only was she Veronica Mars who I already thought was hot, but then she popped up on Heroes. Not only is she still hot and on Heroes, but she does force lightning!

3. Hayden Panettiere


You all already know her, so … there you have it.

2. Moon Bloodgood


I guess I really do have yellow fever this time around. Moon is from Journeyman on NBC. She’s done some other stuff before, but this is where her and I crossed paths (so to speak). I like her.

1. Megan Fox


Sorry to disappoint if you were hoping for a new face or something. How could I not? I chose this picture because I have a feeling it was at this moment during the movie that most of you (dudes) fell head over heels and were probably were glad you were sitting down. Well that’s all for now. Tune in next time, whenever that is.

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