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Eric Prydz is a Swedish artist who is probably more popular in Europe than he is here in the heel United States. The first encounter I had with this chap was about three years ago, his song was used for a ytmnd about a girl who didn’t change facial expressions. This became the unofficial “…doesn’t change facial expressions” music for the many works it inspired. The song would be revealed as Call on Me. One night, I found out that there was a video…and what a video! The premise is simple, a guy takes an aerobics class with a lot of hot chicks…he’s the only guy.

Later I found some more of his work. He does a mean remix of Another Brick in the Wall which he calls Proper Education. Remxing Pink Floyd isn’t easy to do…I’d have to say he pulled it off.

I’m sure you can find out much more from Eric Prydz official website:

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