No Ice, Please

I would like to take just a moment of your time to explain why I request beverages minus ice when I go out anywhere.

  1. It takes away from the actual drink and you end up with less, effectively you are paying for water in your drink.
  2. Water! Ice melts, then you are left with a watered down mess of the would-be tasty beverage, at least the liquid that managed to squeeze between the room-hogging ice that was in the glass to begin with.

Well those are actually the only two reasons. Ice is a waste of time. The beverage should be cold to begin with. If your drink is warm, the establishment is clearly lousy. If you are planning on nursing the drink, whatever it may be, long enough that it would warm up, well then you have a silly affliction to drinking like a normal person who has the intent of finishing said drink. Frankly, if you wait long enough with ice in the drink, it will melt and water it down anyway, so that reason is somewhat moot (which is why it didn’t make it on the list as number three). Saving you money (more or less) and making your drink taste better (and proper) should be persuasive enough arguments.

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