Hats off to Twinkle

Although I sound like a snoot, I need to blow off some steam. The new iPhone (and new firmware) was released on July 11th, and with it some changes to the iPhone realm. If you were one of the people who couldn’t resist messing with the iPhone and “jailbreaking” it in order to install applications other than what came with it, well then you may have an idea of what I’m talking about. Apple now has an official “App Store” with software made using Apple’s on SDK (software developer’s kit) in order to release endorsed applications. One of the applications which I grew extremely fond of, was a Twitter application, called “Twinkle.” At this time, the software running on the iPhone for the “unofficial” applications can not coexist with the software enabling official applications. Sadly, Twinkle is nowhere to be found in this new territory. Instead we are forced to try our luck with faceless immitators, such as Twitterrific (which I’ll accept as a name if you are going with the less popular definition of terrific: “causing terror; terrifying”), Twittelator (which is what, a Twitter-Terminator?), and Twittervision (more like “Lack-of-Vision). I won’t waste my time with why I hate all of these. In a nutshell, the three above-mentioned applications are garbage, they feel clunky and are somewhat counter-intuitive.

Thanks to the ability to capture screen shots on the old iPhone (something that requires an app which isn’t official either) I can show you a glimpse of Twinkle.

As you can see, with the old applications, one could also change the appearance of the interface, but that’s another rant.

This is the Twinkle Home screen. It shows myself and all the people I’m following. I would like to point out that in the second tweet, I am agreeing with Stressmint that one of the official Twitter applications is sub-standard.

A fun feature, is the “Near Me.” You can easily set the range of how near or far you want to be able to see. Again, in my Tweet on this particular screen, I am complaining about how much I miss Twinkle.

I selected a Tweet just to show what they look like. The options are simple and to the point.

If you notice above, “marry” has taken a photo for her Tweet. Here is what you see as a result of clicking the convenient thumbnail. I would also like to note that hyperlinks will open up in the Safari browser with ease. When browsed to these Tweets on the web, the link to the uploaded pic is automatically placed within the Tweet.

I’m not a huge fan of this feature, but the “Public” tab which browses (what seems to be) the entire world is fun if you’re bored and just want to gander. I won’t bother showing Settings, basically you provide your login/pass and toggle location.

…finally, the Tweet screen. When you are ready, you click the pencil up in the top-right and type away.

There you have it, simple picture button, it located me, and of course you can toggle that check-mark depending on if you want that information public.

Twinkle is supposed to have been released in the iTunes App store the day it opened. I hope we see it soon! I’ve been Tweeting less with the lousy apps that they have to offer.

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