iPhone Apps I Miss

uSirius – Streamed Sirius Radio to the phone.
Orb – Client for Orb, included the ability to watch live TV streaming.
Summerboard – Allowed for themes and backgrounds.
Solitaire – Okay, so this one you can find in the app store, but it used to be free.
Sketches – Basically Etch – A – Sketch, complete with shaking to erase.
Rainbow Light – As you moved your finger along the screen, the color would change.
The REAL Twinkle – …because the one in the app store is a garbage sell-out.
Services – A really basic app that allowed you to toggle things like Wifi and Bluetooth without having to dig through menus.

Hopefully, Installer will find its way to iPhone 2.0 software so I can have some of these back.

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