Hundreds of years ago (2001), my boy D Lugz decided to let the world know how he felt about some of the most popular rock bands of that time. It wasn’t until recently that we dug it out of the achives, blew the dust off, and showcased it once more. The original post can be found here, or you can just read below in the interest of convenience:


– Dennis Tavernite

Randy Rhodes ( 1956 – 1982 )
The greatest guitarist ever. If Clapton is God, then Randy must have gave birth to him. Randy never gets the credit for being the very best. He had only appeared on two Quiet Riot albums (being one of the founding members, and both albums not being released in america), and Ozzy’s two best albums(Blizzard of Oz, Diary of a Madman), plus the live Tribute cd. With his short career and life he never got credit for being the very best, to read the full Randy story clicking the picture of him directly below…

DENNIS’ top 10 over-rated bands

as of 4/ 24/ 01

10. (New) Metallica – Now i love Metallica, they are one of the greatest bands of all time.. um as of the mid 90’s though. If you bought Load or Reload, then why are you even alive? Just because a watch says rolex, doesnt mean its not a cheap imatation, meaning the cd says metallica, but thats not my metallica… since when did they give a shit about being radio friendly?? Master of Puppets went like something platinum or whatever and without having a video or a song on the radio. They lost their metal edge for money, f**k them.
9. All Hair bands – Lemmie ask you a question.. in a decade from now, will we find radio stations and music television praising the existance of boy bands? NO!! because people who understand what good music is knows that they suck and are hoping for this thing to end like disco. So then why are we still praising hair bands? I dont dont friggin know, email me if you know why.
8. Rush – …so people have heard this guy’s voice and he hasnt been shot yet? Kudos mr. Rush guy for making horrible music and still being alive.
7. Korn – Back in the day a band called Korn realeased an album, it was hard, and it was good. Then their second album was released and it was still hard, but not as good. Then Korn made radio freindly albums where bad songs were overplayed…
6. Staind – Someone please tell Arron Lewis to shut the hell up!!! I dont give a sh*t if he’s on the outside looking in.. so stop playing that song dammit!!! This is one of those self loathing pr**ks where we have to friggin sympathize with him to listen to his crappy boring ass music. Just go home, beat your wife, and dont make anymore crappy songs.
5. Godsmack – They may not be number one on the list, but they definitly have the most boring ass, repetetive, no creativity songs of all the bands on the list. How many times is this guy gonna tell me to go away? May we should listen to him and not go to his concerts anymore? Im serious if you find godsmck entertaining, then you must be brain dead.
4. Kid Rock – Sample rock songs and rap over them,  then only rap about 5 things…then act like a complete moron. Do these things and put Kid Rock out of a job.
3. Matchbox 20 – …..how did these guys get a record deal??? who sat down with them, listened to their music, and said “now thats good music”?? They are not unique in anyway, rob thomas is a nasty looking whiney bitch. they are definitly overrated when they are considered rock music instead of what they should be, pop (well, they really should be in the CRAP genre).
2. Limp Bizkit – Why are these guys so damn popular? These guys are making repetitive, thoughtless music so they can ride the whole rap-core wave of music thats “in” now-a-days…suck my d**k!!! How many times am i gonna hear fred talk(talk, not sing) about how some chick screwed him over or how hes violent and wants to break things? F**k you , you unimaginative motherf**ker!!! So now all these no talent ass clowns are pop culture icons because they play a couple of easy cords and talk about the same stupid crap all the time.
1. Nirvana – …oh thats right, you heard me right, Nirvana. The band the changed the music scene for the 90’s and paved the way for, blah blah blah….  fine whatever, yeah they changed things, they were kinds like the first fo their kind, as in alternative bands and s**t, but people always just automatically have to like them because of all that s**t. That dosent take away from the fact that their music is horrible. I dont really want to hear the incoheirent ramblings of a heorin addicted moron. His music is sometimes cheesy, sometimes boring, sometimes just not apealing in anyway. Just everyone, open your f**king ears and jsut listen to nirvana, just really listen,  then maybe one day you’ll be able to say “man f**k this, f**k you Kurt Cobain, who the hell are you man? Eat my friggin ass!!!”

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