What’s this Trout Nonsense??

A few weeks ago, I got an IM from a PsychiatricTrout. I forgot what they started off with, but it was as if we were in the middle of a conversation. They claimed that my screen name looked like it was a fish name as well, but his indeed wasn’t. Both of us seemed to think the other was messing around. Just tonight, I received an IM from TemptedTrout. Sure enough, same thing. He apparently had experienced this before. He said that us “Salmon guys” rule. Again he claimed that his name wasn’t what it appeared. Well, I did some research…


Trout bots

In late July 2008, users began to report being contacted by bots with names of the form “<adjective>Trout”.[19][20][21] [22] These bots appear to have replaced the Salmon bots; no one has reported being contacted by a Salmon bot since the Trout bots appeared.

While it is not completely clear if the Trout bots are affiliated with the Salmon bots and with Project Upstream, their behavior seems to be identical. In addition, the Trout bots have been reported to respond when Project Upstream’s connection request site is used.[23] Since this Web site previously solicited a response from Salmon bots, this indicates a link between the two.

Apparently, it’s a bot. It pairs up people and messes with them. At least it makes sense now. Show this to anyone you know in the event they fall victim to this.

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