Rest Stop

I recently had the pleasure of viewing a movie called Rest Stop. Not since Bloody Murder have I seen a more pointless and amusing movie. Here is a trailer:

Basically, our heroes Jesse and Nicole are driving from Texas to California. Somewhere in a rural area of California, they find themselves driving on “The Old Highway.” Nicole has to take a leak and can’t go on the side of the road, she must stop at a rest stop. They stop at a crappy and filthy rest stop. When Nicole comes out of the bathroom, Jesse is gone. For the rest of the movie, Nicole is terrorized by a man driving an old yellow Ford pick-up truck.

As most bad horror movies go, the plot seems to be poorly thought out. It is unclear to us as the viewer if there is a super-natural element to this movie or if everything is on the level. Some of the dialog sounds like it was written by a 10 year old. The ending, of course, leaves you feeling unresolved and confused as to what you just saw. The movie redeems itself with moments such as these:

In this scene, Nicole gets her index finger bitten off by the bad guy. This was priceless.

This movie has inspired me to want to have a “Trevor Moorehouse” award and if I don’t see a more ridiculous horror flick by Dec 31, 2008, this film will win it.

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