Chocolate Bread

After some recreational use of a controlled substance which shall go unnamed, I embarked on trip to the kitchen for an attack of the munchies. When I arrived there, I decided it would be wise to make cookies. Based on a recipe for black and white cookies that I have not actually memorized, I altered the recipe in order to to make chocolate cookies of some sort. I mixed up ingredients and went at it. I also decided to throw some icing on top and made some as well. The icing came out correctly. The cookies, however, I do not think I have earned the right to call these cookies. I refrain from using the word “amaze” in my everyday vocabulary. To me, being amazed is a pretty high level of achievement. Amazing is a massive dose of either something going well, poorly, or wildly different. What I’m trying to get at is, I have amazed even myself this time. The product that came out of the oven can only be described as “Chocolate Bread.” Is anyone else truly amazed along with me?

As you can see…undaunted, I proceeded as planned and applied the icing. Chocolate bread with chocolate icing, I am the sum of a pioneer and an idiot.

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