WWE RAW Thoughts for 11/10/08

Stephanie McMahon’s appearance couldn’t have been more obviously recorded. After they finished playing her video, I actually found myself excited about an Orton/Batista match.

When Santino pulled up what was no longer the Honky-meter, I knew the title was going to change hands. What I didn’t expect was Santino jobbing like he did. I also wasn’t thrilled with Regal cutting a major babyface promo just because he was in England.

Kane’s promo complete with references about pulling wings off of insects and birds was awesome, give this guy a long heel title reign just once, will you? We haven’t had an unstoppable monster champion since Yokozuna pretty much. Guys like Khali, Big Show, Brock Lesnar, all seem to have short runs. Yoko was the champion for the better part of a year. Regardless, we have yet another Rey Vs. Kane match, but this one is different because it’s going to be the last one.

D-Lo did a job to Knox, I wonder if he’s glad he came back this summer so he could take a lot of time off and then get squashed.

Kane and Rey have their match. It was entertaining, Rey botched something at the end, but we’ll forgive him. Rey took some nice bumps, now that he won, can we get passed this whole thing. The feud never really felt strong to me, it was like Kane picked Rey’s name out of a hat. Let’s move on.

Here I was excited about Orton/Batista. Before the match, we saw Cody Rhodes with Manu confront and slap Orton, as they are mad that he injured DiBiase last week. So what does Cody do that all angry people do? He replaced the person he’s angry with at work and gave him the night off. Now we have Cody Vs. Batista, 110 looking Cody against the ANIMAL BATISTA. What was the point of Batista coming out with a squash? I have no idea. I guess we’ll be paying for Otron/Batista at Survivor Series.

Beth Pheonix over Mickie James. No one cares.

After a 90 minute video about the feud between HBK and Y2J, we have a last man standing match. This of course is not exciting at all, as the title is not on the line. What if Michaels wins, wouldn’t he want a title match and for the feud not to be over? Hmm, these questions manifest their own answer, HBK won’t win. I was pretty surprised when I thought the match was over a few times and they’d be up at 8 or 9. JBL costs HBK the match.

Other thoughts: What do we do next? HBK Vs. JBL at Survivor Series? Batista and Orton as well? Who will win the title match? I think we’ve seen just about ever combination of these guys in recent history. What about CM Punk? Remember when he was world champion? Too bad he’s co-holder of the tag team titles now and get no actual TV time.

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