TV Show Rundown for this Week (Spoilers)

True Blood – So Will looks as though he is going to become a maker. Most of this season, I (along with most others) thought Sam was going to reveal himself as a werewolf. Instead, he’s a shape-shifter, although acknowledged the existence of werewolves and other things. I’m not sure how I feel about that jump. Also, the witch doctor who performed the exorcism, wouldn’t you have gotten you money back? Still no idea who the creeper is on the killing path. That “guilt is useless” thing was suspicious, however.

Sarah Connor Chronicles – I totally thought Cameron was gonna boink John when she lost her shirt and went in there with a see-through tank top. I thought the reason for him getting stuck in Mexico was weak. I would like to see where they plan on going with this story.

Heroes – Enough flashbacks. We get it, Arthur Petrelli is a bad guy. This episode filled in blanks I really didn’t need filled in. So we know how Arthur died…or didn’t die. We saw Sylar wrestling a little bit with killing people. We know that Claire’s mom is blue flame guy’s brother (I forget his name because he bored me). Let’s get on with the story already.

House – Nice seeing some more Cameron and Chase again. Are they going anywhere with this Cuddy and House thing though?

Supernatural – Does anyone have that glimmer of fear/hope that we will see a huge plot twist and Ruby will turn on Sam and Dean? I for one would be really shocked, although you can’t help but like her. Maybe she’ll be made an honorary angel or something. The show has gotten a little bit holy roller, but it’s still entertaining. Are they going to kill off Anna Milton right away? She’s pretty hot, I’d hate to see that. One thing I know I would like to see is Sam and Dean end the season by taking on Lucifer. I don’t want another Lord of the Rings, where we hear about a bad guy for a long time and then don’t actually get to see him/her.

Those are my thoughts for the shows this week. It would be nice if Pushing Daisies was on this week and not the Country Bumpkin Movie Awards or whatever that was.

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