Behold the BS that is “Green”

So this week, USA and NBC (same company) have changed their watermarks at the bottom of the screen from the normal to green. They do this to promote “green week.” What does this mean? Nothing!

<– they changed to something like this –>

I’m using NBC as an example, but plenty of companies have been pushing this green nonsense. To show just how dumb and full of crap this is, I have decided to make the top of my website green for “green week.” For me, what does this mean? The same thing: nothing. All I have is the top of my website now green. I don’t plan on conserving energy by turning things off that I’m not using. I don’t plan on making any more effort to recycle. I’m not going to reuse any paper towels. Who cares what I do though? I have green on my website somewhere! Green marketing is a sham. Telling people to use paper bags for a week and those weird looking bulbs that last longer isn’t going to save the world, sorry.

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