Sorry I Haven’t Been Around. I’ve been running some holiday errands this last month. I also moved this entire website you see here from one server to another. I’m currently working on a few projects as well, one of which will be revealed real soon and should excite some of you wrestling fans. Anyway, I’m going to take this chance to plug mine and Mikey’s Cafepress store. Head over to It’s the holidays and getting yourself and friends some cool digs doesn’t hurt, as well as earning extra money for us. 😛

Our best sellers this season:

The “Yes. I Am a Model” button

The “Tetris Love” Tetris heart

The Triforce shirt

The Leroy Jenkins shirts

and of coure, everyone loves the “Shall We Dance” Dance Dance Revolution based shirt.

My newest masterpiece is the “Konichiwa!” shirt… I’d love to see some of you pick this one up this holiday season.

Well, head over to anyway, there’s tons of good stuff for you to enjoy!

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