Michael Phelps – Proof at Last!

Michael Phelps (as most of you know) was recently exposed as a pot smoker. Maybe this was an isolated incident, maybe not, but instead of focusing on stuff like his sponsorship losses, suspension, etc., how about this one: marijuana is okay!

For years, I’ve had to endure this smear campaign against marijuana. It was beaten into me begining when I was a wee tot. I had to watch after school specials (ok, I guess I didn’t have to), dumb movies about how marijuana ruins your life in school (those I had to watch), and dumb commercials about how horrible pot was. At first pot made you bad, changed you into a monster and would bring you down and everyone around you. The bad kids smoked weed. When that campaign failed, it was changed to a “Weed makes you lazy and do nothing”  type of message. Now you could be nicest guy in the world, but weed would take away your life by making you lethargic and boring. This didn’t work either. Then, they tried to play up the simple fact that it was illegal. Of course, this message held some truth, however, any person with a 10 cent brain would then question, “why is it illegal?” I won’t go into the particulars, but this history of marijuana and the events leading up to its illegality is a heaping pile of malarkey. Now they try to market that weed somehow compromises your goals and makes you not cool. You will wear a lot of shirts with dumb crap on them, or stand in the middle of a room while people pose you like doll if you smoke weed (you know damn well what I’m talking about).

Enter Michael Phelps. Phelps can probably pat himself on the back for a job well done in anyone’s book. He’s won more gold medals than anyone in history. He inhales…

So now, you people who preach nonsense about marijuana can take all your babbling and shove it! Phelps is proof that weed poses no real threat. What are you going to say, “Maybe he would have won more medals if he didn’t smoke weed?” Well that’s speculation. “Maybe he stopped smoking for the Olympics.” Then marijuana is not addictive and is even less dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol, both of which are legal.

It’s time to face the fact everyone, marijuana is only a problem for one reason: it’s illegal. Why is it illegal? As far as I can tell, there’s a vast majority of people in this country who are active users. Majority should rule in this situation. If alcohol and tobacco are ok, then so must be marijuana. Marijuana is ok! I can’t say it any more simply.

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