Friday the 13th Review

jasonLet me start by saying, “best intro to a movie ever.” Now, this movie had one personal taint for me, which most of you won’t be bothered by. As a fan of the TV series Supernatural, seeing one of the Winchester brothers a) by himself and 2) not actually as one of the Winchester brothers, but facing a supernatural opponent, made me sad. Seeing Sam Winchester on the screen without Dean and having to accept that he was just “Clay” was rough on me. At least he was the main protagonist. I’ll tip-toe around the story to avoid any spoilers, but basically I was very happy with the movie. I think it brought Jason triumphantly into the 21st century, unlike that other movie that was released earlier this decade and shall remain nameless.

The interesting dynamic here is the audience. I’m willing to bet some people probably are too young to even give the Friday the 13th series of yesteryear a second thought. On the flip side, the rest are here to not only embark on a new Jason adventure, but compare it to the original.

Wisely, we get right to Jason and skip the Pamela Voorhees massacre of the first movie from 1980. It is summed up and mentioned, but we tag that as taking place in 1980 and move on. It was interesting to me, that in the original series, Jason drowns sometime in 1957 (if memory serves)¬† and his mother returns to the camp in 1979 to end those trying to open it again (the movie was released in 1980, but took place in 1979). The next movies with Jason as the killer take place all throughout the 1980s, which at the time is the present day. Although this movie appears to be a new take on the story overall, the original massacre from Jason’s mother seeking vengeance takes place in 1980. The movie, however, takes place in the present day. This may have been done on purpose to allow the audience to accept both the movie as a continuation or as a fresh start.

To make sure we understand that this is indeed the present day, they beat it into us from the get-go. Everyone has iPods, GPS, cellphones, just about anything that can establish we are up to date. There is actually some dialog about the technology and how important it is. Anyway, the way Jason is portrayed is different than before. Although Jason was always aggressive, he really seems clever and sometimes methodical in this movie. Jason is definitely very different than the mindless zombie killing machine we once knew. The movie also has a “back to basics” feel to it, the opposite direction of how gimmicky the later part of the original series became. Although watching someone in a sleeping back beaten against a tree to death is fun, the movie becomes less serious and more humorous, which is fine if that’s what you’re in the mood for. Think back to the original Nightmare on Elm Street. Most of the time, Freddy was simply trying to kill his victims, while having a little bit of fun messing with them. By the third movie, he was playing with stuff and had faces in his torso, turning into TVs, it was just a mess. There is nothing wrong with Jason grabbing a blunt object and bashing someone in the head with it, nothing!

I do wish I could experience this movie with virgin Friday the 13th eyes and see what I thought of it. If I had to compare it to the rest of the Friday the 13th movies, it would definitely be in my top 3 (following part 2 and part 6). So do you like horror movies? Do you like Jason movies? Do you like movies? Do you like pie? If you said yes to any of these, go see this movie in a theater and try to sit next to someone that scares easily, it makes the experience just that much better.

All things considered, I give this movie:


8 out of 10 Jason masks.

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