AirTran Sucks

I sit here in the Atlanta Airport at 4 AM telling this story.

Upon arriving for our 5:35 departure from LGA (flight 288) we were told that there were delays going to Atlanta (which was the original plan) and that there would be a 12 hour layover and our flight to Houston would depart at 8:30 AM. Shaniqua was very unsympathetic and didn’t seem to care what we were told previously by other employees, or what our boarding passes (which had been printed moments before) said. The plane continued to be delayed. Several members of our party checked online, called airtran customer service and one person (Jade) spoke to Chantell, who said everything was fine, despite the delay, we would be heading to Atlanta and then Houston on the same flight (as planned). Another employee (a gate agent) relayed the same info.

We waited on the runway for a very long time, in addition to the delay. We finally took off around 10, for a flight that was scheduled to leave at 5:35. We arrived in Atlanta at about 12:20. We were then informed that the flight to Houston, Texas was indeed in the morning. We were again greeted by a bitchy woman who cleverly hid her nametag with a scarf. We snapped a picture, however.


She was very controlling and impatient with us, as if we were doing something wrong. She wasn’t able to help us very much and sent us to customer service. We then spoke to Keith and Barbara, both who also didn’t offer us any help. They gave us a telephone number for customer care and told us to try them in the morning. We were offered a voucher for a DISCOUNT at a hotel. In other words, we’re sorry we stranded you in a city you didn’t intend on staying in, spend more money. By the time we got to the hotel, we would have about 4 hours before we would simply have to leave, it was a slap in the face.

Having plenty of time to kill, we chilled out for a while (Sean, Jade, and myself) and ate, chatted, and then they slept. I reformatted my Mac for some reason, and then tethered my iPhone again to us as a modem instead of paying their nonsense Wifi fee. I googled “Airtran sucks” and surprise surprise, quite a lot of stories that matched my own. This is the most unprofessional airline ever. If you have ever been fired from a job, fly airtran and you’ll feel like a Fortune 500 CEO.
I’m done for now, hopefully the next post I have is more happy news.

5 thoughts on “AirTran Sucks

  1. I’m so sorry but I literally LOL’d at: “she was very controlling and impatient”.

    LOL @ the stolen shot of the bitchy woman who cleverly hid her nametag with a scarf!

    Anyways, have fun in Houston. Don’t get in trouble lol.

  2. Sounds like a typical weather delay at any airline. Google “delta sucks” or “continental sucks” or “united sucks”, and you’ll get the same responses for all of those. Not just AirTran.

  3. I had a similar story

    Its not worth buying a “cheap” flight when you have to spend $600 on Amtrak to different airports and unexpected hotel stays!

  4. Airtran fucked up my luggage. I gate checked my carryon because the agent in San Antonio said there was no more overhead room and I could pick it up in Atlanta. Im thinking it would be available on the jetway in Atlanta but it’s headed to baggage pickup. WTF!!
    The people in Atlanta tried to help but couldn’t find my bag.
    I should have known Airtran is a second rate airline but I chose them cuz they were cheaper….fuck me and FUCK Airtran!

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