The Birthday Massacre Meet and Greet

We arrived at about 1:30 PM for the meet and greet scheduled for 2 PM. We got a good place in line and headed on in. It was cute to see some fans so excited. There was a nice intimate setting, so one could actually have a dialogue with the band and not feel rushed. We got in, I told Chibi I was the guy that freaked last year and told her the album was Thriller caliber, she remembered! She signed my CD, signed Ana’s iPod, we took some pics, and I told her to visit Trash and Vaudeville. Finally, being a geek, told them I’d be honored if they’d follow me on Twitter. It was really awesome! The other band members liked my shirt, we chatted about wrestling for a moment. Only M2J would talk to The Birthday Massacre about wrestling, I know.

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