My Great Poem

I wrote this about ten years ago, I don’t write poetry, which is why this is so awesome.

I’m so bad at poetry,
and I really don’t know why.
It seems I come up with nothing,
when I try and try and try.
It’s like everyone’s so good,
and for everyone, it’s a breeze.
When it comes to me, however,
it brings me to my knees.
Everyone’s a frequent writer
and everyone’s so good.
Then I show up and struggle to rhyme,
I can’t even rhyme with “good.”
You may think this is funny,
but it’s really quite sad.
Sure, you’re okay at poetry,
but me, I’m just real bad.
You call yourselves novices
and say you really suck,
But for me to even come close to you
I’d need a ton of luck.
In fact, just to word that last line
made me struggle for a while to rhyme.
Well, I’ve had enough of this bad poem.
Don’t even read it, stop reading….

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