Terminator: Salvation

terminatorWalking into this movie, I had a bitter taste in my mouth from Terminator 3, but it occurred to me that my best hope to enjoy this movie would be to completely separate any connection to the first two movies. The third movie was of no concern to me. Clearly the producer just wiped his behind with some 8.5×11 sheets of paper a screenwriter translated it into a script. Enough seething with bitterness, onto the movie.

We aren’t travelling to the past anymore. We are now in the future and basically, just watching the war unfold. Watching this movie, it’s as if we’re forgetting the third movie anyway. We get to see the horror which Kyle Reese was describing to Sarah and all of us back in 1984. The homages to the previous movies was a nice little addition. The explosions are always welcome as well. The movie was really just fun to watch. The bonus of this fun movie was that it carried the Terminator license. I would actually recommend seeing this, highly. Again, it’s nowhere near the greatness of the first two movies, but frankly what movies are or ever will be? When this movie hits DVD, I’ll be watching it and cranking my speakers up. Anyone that knows me, knows that the amount of explosions affects the overall value of the movie. This flick was not stingy with the explosions, so there we have it. I was also thrilled to see McG’s name in the credits, the producer of Supernatural. Get out and watch this one! I’m done already.

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