My Firefox Extensions

I just decided to list the 4 extensions I use, since they come in pretty handy, or are just a little fun.

First, Xmarks – extremely useful. Formerly known as “Foxmarks,” Xmarks synchronizes your bookmarks and other browser related settings with all of the browsers you use. This is especially useful if you work on multiple machines, multiple browsers (works in IE, Flock and Safari also), or even just a nice way of backing up everything.

Next, Forecastfox. This one is a very simple add-on, it displays the current temp and weather conditions somewhere in the browser, at all times. The default is the bottom right corner, which works out fine for me, but you can put it topside or various other spots if you would like. It also shows you the weather for various different times that you set it up to display.

StumbleUpon is a great little tool as well. It works similar to Pandora, except instead for websites instead of music. It will show you random websites (or websites in a category of your choosing) and you give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. The websites it shows you will begin to change based on your votes. It’s a really fun way to discover things that you otherwise would never see.

Finally, IE Tab – This one is particularly useful for those pages that refuse to understand that this is the 21st century and IE isn’t the only browser anymore. Instead of having to give Firefox a rest while you fetch IE from somewhere in your programs menu just to view one page, you can view it in Firefox with ease. If you visit a page frequently that needs IE, you can add these websites to a list that defaults Firefox to open it in IE tab.

I just thought I should share. Enjoy if you end up using them.

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