Rollergames was one of those “I have no idea what he likes, so I’ll just get him this one because it looks kind of cool and kind of relevant” games that you receive. I received mine from a woman named Kathy. Never in my life did I request anything that had to do with rollerskates or show any interest in roller derbies. Somehow, I ended up with this game

You know what? This game is fun!

You pop on the game and see some kind of roller derby. The announcers come on and explain that three “rough” teams have kidnapped the owner and three good teams can only save him. Yes, the announcer says that they can only save him, not that “only the three good teams can save him.” Anyway, you can pick one of three characters, each representing one of the aforementioned “good” teams. T-Birds, HotFlash, or Rockers. The character from T-Birds is a big fat lookin’ dude. The other teams basically have the same looking character, an 80s rocker. HotFlash is a girl, so she’s got pink hair, Rockers is a guy, so he has green hair.

You start the game, each boss taunts you about playing his zone. They say things that aren’t clever or amusing, “I will treat you well, ha ha ha.” See, it’s funny, because he is the bad guy and he will not treat you well. Get it? Anyway you’re skating through the streets. It’s basically a side-scrolling platformer beat-em-up, but you’re on rollerskates. You can jump, punch, jump-attack, and occasionally grab your opponents in headlocks, knee them a few times and hurl them across the screen.

The game can get frustrating at times, precise jumps are harder to plan because of the lack of traction you maintain on rollerskates, but it’s still a fun game to play. There aren’t really any power ups or much deeper gameplay to talk about. Some levels scroll automatically and you have to keep up and avoid obstacles. It’s a solid game and a fun game, but not a must play.

I’d say this is a game to try casually and see if you enjoy. Playing to win it could get extremely frustrating. I know, because I spent a lot of time on this one and never actually accomplished that task.

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