Star Soldier

I played this game a lot, even though it was repetitive and I remember getting sick and throwing up from playing it too much as a child. The cover of the game is a soldier, a Star Soldier, if you will, holding a gun. Oooh, what’s this game gonna be? Well, it’s you in a space ship shooting at other ships/creatures in outer space. I actually have never played any of the sequels for some reason, it had games on several more recent systems, I should probably get on that, it maybe fun! But I digress, this was the NES version.

You pop this game on and you’re battling. You start off with two lasers which shoot out parallel, one at a time. Through the game, you get “P” power ups, and they upgrade you a tad. First you gain the ability for rapid fire. Next time you get a “P,” your ship actually morphs and you now shoot a stream back as well as the two front. Finally, the third “P,” changes the music, you now shoot in five directions, three in the front and two in the back, plus you have a shield now which can take bombs from enemies, after you took a couple though, you would shoot in the three directions again. Any “P” you get afterward will result in destroying all enemies on the screen. That’s pretty much it.

The enemies are plentiful and come in quite a variety. I actually enjoyed the bosses, probably just because they looked cool. There was a some kind of little brain, big brain, and a face you’d have to kill. I think there were 16 levels, every 4 you fought big brain. The face guy would show up usually in the middle of some stages. I wish I could remember the names. I used to think face guy was the coolest looking boss ever.

Anyway, what didn’t I like about this game. The hit detection seemed a little generous to the computer. Seemed like when you thought you had a little more room, you didn’t. Also, a lot of the game’s background which you fly over frequently was a very similar color to bombs and some enemies, making it very hard to steer clear. Also, you would fly under some of the background without warning occasionally, which seems helpful on paper, but you also lost your ability to shoot when this happened, and in the spots where you would come back out would usually be an enemy, resulting in your demise. Extremely frustrating sometimes, but otherwise it was a fun game. The first time I ever reached the brain boss, I didn’t kill it fast enough, and I received a message that it got away. I was unsure if this meant it escaped and I was advancing or I was going to be penalized. Turned out to be the latter, you get sent back halfway through the stage and have to reach the brain again, this time killing it.

I’d say this is a must play, but not a must have.

Face Guy

Big Brain

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