Windows Phone Update 6

Recently, I had the displeasure of having to wish Simple Mobile the best in their future endeavors? Why was this? They’re incompetent morons. I had hit my data limit, but they allow one to simple pay for a new billing cycle that supersedes the previous one. I did this, but my bandwidth wasn’t unthrottled. They told me that the system doesn’t unthrottle the account until the prior billing cycle would have ended. Effectively, I was paying for high speed data that I couldn’t use for a good portion of the month. When I explained this to them, they were very confused. When they finally understood, they told me that the system does it automatically and they can’t change it. When I thought I would tough it out for a few days, they told me that the system flagged me for the new cycle I had paid for and would be throttled for over a month. When I told them I wanted a refund, they transferred me to idiots that couldn’t help me.

Either they were unable to help, or unwilling. Either way, I decided that continuing to do business with them was a mistake, and stopped. I marched into MetroPCS and voila, I am a MetroPCS customer.

The transfer was pretty easy, I was up and running in no time. The data is actually LTE on MetroPCS, on Simple it was 4G, maximum. That was a pleasant surprise. Only last night did I discover picture messages were failing to arrive. I needed to tweak some MMS settings. After some aggravating trial and error, I finally found the right harmony of settings for MMS on a Windows Phone using MetroPCS.

Regular APN settings can be left alone, the data on the phone works great.

MMSC port: 80
IP type: IPv4
Everything else blank.

I saw various different information for all these fields and then some – this is what worked for me. Most of the time I either wasn’t getting message or was getting notifications (via text) that I had an MMS waiting for me and then an option to download it. When I’d download it, it would fail and say the message was no longer available.

If this helps just one person out there, I have done my job.

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