The Birthday Massacre F*cking Rocks!


This was an awesome show! I had a blast, the set was great, everything sounded good…man was it super! Their crowd is growing, I really hope these guys see a large sum of success really soon, I want them to be around for a while. Everyone there was nodding their heads to the beat and singing along. The best part of the night, however, came right before the show, where as chance would have it, I passed by Chibi (the lead singer) chilling outside! I tried to play cool, but was actually like star struck. It almost seemed surreal. I told her that the album was wonderful and (this is not a lie either) Walking With Strangers is the first album I have listened to from start to finish on a regular basis since Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It took a moment to hit me what was actually taking place, but I finally remembered that I had a camera in my pocket!


Me, M2J with Chibi from Birthday Massacre!

THAT is definitely M2J Style!
(Birthday Massacre’s Myspace)

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