My Daddy Gave Me His Old Camera

A while back, my father gave me this one of a kind* Hanimex Praktica super TL SLR 35mm camera. It is the oldest camera in history and I own it.**
IMG_0284aIt has its flaws, being that it is indeed so old, some of the mechanics fail to function properly. The shutter sometimes stays up. The rewind lever is broken, the film advance jams, and the exposure count stops counting. However, I have taken to the streets with it and snapped a few shots, more to see if it’s still functional as a camera, but the only way to do that is to use it. That’s what I’ve been doing.

Thus far, here’s some of the stuff that has made it onto the antiquated medium of film, into the complex and sophisticated labs to process said film (read: “Walgreens”) and onto the modern realm of the world wide web.

I should note that after I developed one stinking roll of film at Walgreens, I brought back the next two rolls and found out they just decided to stop processing film in-house. Just my luck. I started going to this shop in the East Village, Luster.

These are from the Slipper Room on Labor Day Weekend.

These are various other shots of friends, streets, shoots, etc.

**Also a lie.

Nostalgia Trip

I went through a closet I have been neglecting for many years now. A good amount of the stuff was clearly stacks of papers and other junk that I must have said, “I’ll get to this later.” Literally, stacks of stuff, stuffed into stuff, and then stuffed into even more stuff. I did find quite a lot of stuff I had long forgotten I had or presumed I had thrown out over the years.

Oh Life Post from 2/16/12

Before I knew that was a stupid website, I posted this on my first day: “My day is going great today. I’m dispatching help desk tickets at work. It’s only my third day doing it, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Usually I answer the phones and take ticket information and then someone else dispatches. I think I prefer dispatching to taking calls completely, but that’s probably from talking to people on the phone for three years at J&R”

I thought it was going to be a website that asked you a different question each day, but instead it just asks how your day was every day. Boring.