The Pop-Tarts Crunch Song

Strawberry_Pop_Tarts_CrunchAs many of you are aware, I have a ridiculous memory. It preserves about 90% of what it experiences. This could be big things or little things or completely ambiguous background things that have occurred in my life, or maybe even yours.

That being said, I remember (verbatim) the song for Pop-Tarts Crunch. In the mid-90s there was a cereal that was little bite-sized versions of Pop-Tarts. The commercial featured a grunge-rocky looking teenager who appeared to be composing a (horrible) song about the cereal and his experience with it. I will now, from memory, transcribe it from my brain.

I thought Pop-Tarts were really cool, but if you poured them in a bowl they wouldn’t fit,
Until Kellogg’s made a cereal called, ‘Pop-Tarts Crunch!’
I love to munch…

[pause to eat some of the cereal]

…on them.
They’re like Pop-Tarts only smaller and you can pour milk on them.
They’re crunchy and you can pour milk on them.
Pop-Tarts Crunch!

The point I’m trying to illustrate here is that thisĀ song takes up a chunk of my brain, probably where some useful knowledge could have occupied in its stead.

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