sponch_1Just the mere mention of the word, “Sponch,” to anyone that has yet to hear it produces a wince. The person that you are speaking with has never heard of this snack before and the name of it fails to do the unexplored brain any favors. What could Sponch be? Where the hell does one even find Sponch?
Sponch is a snack food distributed by Marinela, that operates under the umbrella of “Bimbo,” a Mexican food company that mass produces various baked goods and snacks, similar to Drakes, or Little Debbie here in the U.S. (or Wonderbread for that matter). They have an assortment of desserts, some are winners and some are losers, but I find Sponch to be a particular gem.

Sponch is (packaged in groups six) a butter cookie, topped with four little coconut-covered marshmallows (two regular and two colored pink with a hint of strawberry), and with a dab of strawberry jam in the middle of the of the marshmallows.


On the underside of the cookie they have placed the name of the snack, just in case you forgot what you were eating…


That’s all wonderful on paper, but how does it taste? I usually find them for $1.50, meaning they’re 25¢ a pop, so my expectations were low going into this I was pleasantly surprised. Sponch works in perfect harmony and is greater than the sum of its parts. I tell myself that I will hold off on downing all six, but find that almost immediately, four of them have already been devoured.

What I’m trying to say is that Sponch is awesome. It’s certainly my candy/snack of the month.


I usually see these in bodegas and corner stores, I strain to think of a time that I found them in a bigger name store. Perhaps that is different from region to region. Suffice it to say: yum!

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