The Birthday Massacre

So sue me, I took the month off. Anyway, I had to talk about these guys eventually, they’re the band of the week!

The original name of the group was “Imagica.” Apparently the name bore a resemblance to another band’s name was switch switched to “The Birthday Massacre in 2000.” “The Birthday Massacre” in 2000. After enough demos were floating around, the band dropped their self-released album in 2002, Nothing and Nowhere. It was in 2005 that Violet would be released in the U.S. and Canada (having been put out by some indie labels here and there already). This album would see the re-release of updated tracks previously found on their demos. With the newer polished works and developing fan base, they geared up for a few tours, and after they were finished, they released their most recent album, Walking With Strangers. This album is good my friends, very good. As I told the lead singer in person (Chibi), it’s the first album that I listen to start to finish on a regular basis, since Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

As far as I can tell, they are definitely rising in popularity. I love to be the one to say “I told you so.” It just so happens that today, yes today, they are releasing an EP for their single Looking Glass. It’s available already on iTunes (I know because I bought it) and will be available in the Zune Marketplace and probably Snocap by the end of the day. If you want a physical copy of the album, it is also available on As for a sample of their work, you can view the music video for Looking Glass below. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh, also…

    Apparently the name bore a resemblance to another band’s name was switch to “The Birthday Massacre in 2000.”

    Typo: “switched” instead of “switch,” and did you mean to close quotes after “Massacre?”

    Just being an asshole. I’m in the mood to edit, and this seemed like a good, small place to start.

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