Christian Returns to WWE

christianTo my fellow wrestling fans, we knew this was coming. The WWE swerved us big time with Christian’s roster placement, however. Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Edge are all on Smackdown. They make a pretty explosive trio as it is, adding Christian to the mix would practically make it nuclear. On the surface, placing Christian on ECW seems like a bad move, but maybe it isn’t.

Consider this, now you’re probably going to watch ECW a little bit more. Now we already have Christian back, but now the anticipation will continue a little bit longer for him to rejoin his comrades over on Smackdown. We all know it’s coming sooner or later, we just did not get an instant payoff. We now will keep our eye on this situation even more closely. We were holding our breath awaiting Christian’s return. Now we aren’t breathing just yet, but have been allow to take one more nice and deep breath to hold out a little longer. Sooner or later, Christian will cross paths with Matt, Jeff, or Edge. This will give Matt and Jeff some time to soak up the lime light before we detonate this whole thing. Christian is probably expected to pay some dues for his time in TNA anyway. Hopefully we won’t be looking at this in a few months saying “WWE ruined something else.”

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