Craigslist Rules!

So the other day, my mother’s camera (a Canon point and shoot) became severely crippled in its abilities. She needed a new camera, we started looking at comparable point and shoots being sold today, they range from 100-200 dollars. It then occurred to me, point shoots are stupid and I don’t respect them. Sure, they serve their purpose, but capturing a moment and capturing a good picture are sometimes worlds apart. With that, I decided to look into an older model of a Canon DSLR, a Canon Rebel XT. The XT was released around 2005, since its release there has been an XTi, XS, T3, etc. The XT is still an excellent camera. In terms of picture quality, it murders any point and shoot. I decided to check if I could find it for around the same price as one of the newer point and shoots. After checking some merchant websites, such as amazon, I checked craigslist. A gentleman named Chris was selling a used XT for $190. What are the odds. He had just posted a day before. I messaged him right away, within a day, I was the proud owner of a Rebel XT. It works great, he gave me an extra battery, 3 memory cards, a case, the original box and just about anything else you could think of. As of this date, he’s mailing me an additional shutter release remote. All I can say is “rock!”

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