Hell of a Cut

So, Thursday morning I was at my desk and a woman brought her Blackberry over (I work at a help desk). Typically, Blackberries have all their problems resolved by taking out the battery and putting it back in. In the process of doing this, I pulled my nail up on my index finger a little bit. It bled a little, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I held a napkin on it until it stopped and went on about my day.

34 hours later, I was out and about and my finger started hurting. It was just the top digit, but it really was hurting, even throbbing. I decided a good night of sleep would do the trick. I woke up the next morning, my whole finger was now swollen.

It hurt and throbbed. I started feeling sick and took my temp. 100.7. After taking some aspirin and waiting an hour, 101.7. I sat on it for a bit (not literally) and checked my temp one more time, 102.4. I decided I needed to go to the emergency room.

I thought for sure I was gonna get a shot of antibiotics, get on with my life and be home in time for corn flakes. It didn’t pan out like that.

They put me on an IV drip of antibiotics and suddenly, I was waiting to see a doctor. After taking one look at my hand, the doctor said he needed to operate. Just like that, I was being admitted to the hospital. I was going to have surgery and be there for a few days. Crazy.

That little cut turned into an infection which affected the tendon in my finger, a condition called “tenosynovitis.”

I was in the hospital from Saturday night to Wednesday afternoon. My doctor (Friedman) was awesome. My nurses Melissa and Jesus were my 2 favorites. I got visits from my parents, Lawrence, Ana, Alex, Annette, Emily, Pamela, Turks, Rebecca, Eric, other Eric, cousin Eric, Sarah, Sean, Rachel, Diane, Sally, Mike Lasagna and Justine.

My hand is currently healing. Hopefully I didn’t rupture a tendon and do not need more surgery.

So yeah, the moral of the story is that there is no god and Blackberries are pieces of shit.

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