Kinder Bueno

Kinder is a very well known chocolate manufacturer. I dare say that they are most famous for “Kinder Eggs,” chocolate eggs that are hollow inside. Inside of the egg contains a little toy – up to recently was not legally available in the U.S., but you could find them if you knew where to look. Anyway, they have some more wonderful products that they sell also. They are parented by Ferrero SpA, an Italian chocolate/candy manufacturer that has a lot of notable notches under its belt. Ever had Ferrero Rocher chocolates? How about Tic Tacs? Ever heard of a little product called Nutella? Ferrero SpA!

Enter Kinder Bueno


Kinder Bueno is a winning combination. It’s a Kinder chocolate covered wafer – wait for it – filled with hazelnut creme. I would call it “cream,” but that doesn’t feel as European.


For anyone that hasn’t seen one of these magnificent things before, here’s a glimpse. The bar sections off in quadrants for the filling.


…and here you have a look at the light crispy wafer and delicious creme within the chocolate coating. I’m craving one as I write this. I’ve been high on these all month and can’t seem to get enough of them. If you have the chance to try a Kinder Bueno, I strongly suggest you take it. There are at least two bars in each package, so you may share them, but you won’t want to.

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