My Day in Transit

I just need to vent.

On the L train this morning I was awaiting the arrival of the Manhattan-bound train at Dekalb ave. An announcement was made that due to an incident at 8th ave, trains in both direction were running with delays.

Finally, a train came. It was too crowded. A second train came. It was too crowded. A third train came, it had enough room. This train seemed to be barreling through the route to Manhattan, until we got to Lorimer street and remained still. A new announcement was made: due to a stalled train at 1st ave, all train traffic was halted. After some time, the train finally resumed its course. I eventually made it to the uptown N/R/Q train and arrived at work only 20 minutes late.

My journey home would be worse.

The downtown R train that I hopped on stopped at 28th street. We were advised that due to a signal problem the trains on this route were now all stopped. An announcement advised us to take the train back uptown and transfer at 34th street to downtown B/D/F/M trains. Once again the train started moving and we finally got to 14th street Union Square where I could transfer to the L train and take it to the bus. The L train came quick enough this night. I jumped off the train and got to the bus stop on Grand street and Bushwick ave at 6:45 PM. The Q54 bus is expected to come every 12 minutes: 6:42, 6:54, 7:06, 7:18 (PM).

Q59 arrival

Pictured here is when the other bus on this route (the Q59) showed up,

The next bus from when I was there didn’t arrive until 7:10. Guess what? There were too many people and many of the passengers were left (wait for it…) out in the cold.

After ten minutes passed, I hailed a cab and called it a day.

The point here that I am trying to make is FUCK THE MTA!

Like I said, I just needed to vent.

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