A Trip Down Memory Lane

The house I grew up in was recently sold from our predecessors to new(er) owners. The property was listed on a few real estate websites. What makes the previous sentence particularly interesting is that accompanying the web listing is (of course) pictures. I have not been inside the house that I grew up in for almost 13 years. I have wondered over this period of time, what did the new owners do to it? How did it differ from when I lived there? Amazingly, the house isn’t much different from the period that I lived there. many of the decorative liberties we took with the house are still in tact. Seeing these pictures, though, certainly brought back a great deal of memories. I’ve included of memories conjured up by each of these images (that you can see by clicking on each image).


This picture is a mashup of “then” and “now.”

Sadly, the comfort of seeing that the owners following us kept the house relatively the same is too little, too late. I only know that the house still resembles its mid-nineties counterpart that I lived in because it has been sold to new owners, yet again. Now I face the sad uncertainty of the new owners (unknowingly) not doing me such a kindness.

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