11/21/2011 The Janet LaBelle Show!

The lovely and talented Janet LaBelle stops in for an interview and live performance. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/51872796/the%20warehouse.mp3 Blue Öyster Cult – Burnin’ for You – Fire of Unknown Origin – 1981 – Columbia Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – The … Continue reading

Show from 11-7-11 with First Hour Added!

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34651778/the_warehouse_11-7-11.mp3 Chemical Brothers – Galvanize – Push the Button – 2005 – Virgin The Jacksons – This Place Hotel – Triumph – 1980 – Epic Lisa Lougheed – Run With Us – Evergreen Nights – 1988 – Run Records Jane Child – … Continue reading

Featured Artists from Today’s Show

Janet LaBelle

“New Jersey artist Janet LaBelle is back and sharper than ever with her newest disk titled Moon Songs, a five song EP exploring the waters of pop tinged soul, girl powered alt-rock and the fire fueled world that she continues to light up. 

Janet was once the lead singer of Avery, a great Jersey band with promise and talent that broke up a few years back, dissipating into Shoreworld history. I always love a survivor. The artist that crawls out of the wreckage of the past while retaining their vision of creation, moving into the next new phase of adventure with the resolve of a winner, in a business that always tells you you’ll never make it out alive. 

Janet is one of those people. She’s been writing songs ever since the tender age of seven when she penned her first 4-chord ditty about how much she loved to sleep. Whether she’s a sleep junkie still or not, Janet’s voice is anything but tired, soaring free and easy, at times just completely letting go and hitting great over toned sweet spots along the lines of Fiona Apple. She explores the sound of the sixties without falling into the pit of copycats. Her writing has matured as well and I hear smart arrangement choices throughout the disc… Recorded in three different studios, Moon Songs manages to retain a smooth and focused sound from start to finish.”- John Pfeiffer, THE AQUARIAN WEEKLY [courtesy: facebook]

Song featured on today’s show: “Losing All the Way” – will be available on the Blossom & Blue EP coming soon!

True Apothecary

True Apothecary started out as an electronica side project of mine, (David Brooks), while attending college and focusing my musical interests on bands that unfortunately don’t exist anymore. I picked up the guitar later than most and slowly migrated from keys to the former. Somewhere in there I picked up an acoustic and True Apothecary took a turn into the singer/songwriter adventureland. That story ends at thelionwillspeak.com

In the summer of 2009 I was invited to sing forSam Stauff’s band, Eager Sails, where experimental rock was at its finest. As the summer found it’s demise, so did Eager Sails, to everyone’s dismay. In the aftermath I was able to convince most of the band to join me in True Apothecary and from there things started to take form.

At the moment there are four of us: Jared (guitar), Tom (drums), Paul (bass) and David (vox/guitar).

EP available for download now

[courtesy: http://trueapothecarymusic.blogspot.com]

Song featured on today’s show: “high noon.”

Tired Wings

“Tired Wings” arose off the streets of the Bronx & Brooklyn New York at the beginning of 2009. Its members were united by a belief that the time was right to go back to the roots of rock and roll. In June of 2009 they played their first show and followed up with a 4 song E.P, ” You Snooze… You Lose” in July, and they never looked back. Their hard work paid off when their single, “Mountain Song”  was recognized by the writers of Classic Rock Online Magazine in October of that same year. They went into the studio in December to record their second E.P, “You Slow … You Blow” which was unleashed in April of 2010.

Refusing to rest on their laurels, they proceeded to play throughout the year in the New york & New Jersey area, performing one show a month for most of 2010. Their song
“Whiskey to Go” was featured in the landmark issue #150 of Classic Rock Magazine that year. They went into the studio during the winter & spring months to record their first full length album, ” While You Were Sleeping…”  With a few shows since its August 2011 release, it is no doubt Tired Wings will continue their style of doom punk blues for years to come. 

[courtesy: http://tiredwingsmusic.com]

Song featured on today’s show: “Mammoth.”