I usually don’t like to get too much into wrestling stuff here, but this time I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. There’s been a developing story that is brewing lately. I’ll give you some back story to make this all make sense. This is Randy Orton:


Randy Orton is in his late 20s, he’s a former WWE Champion and has been competing athletically for most of his life. Basically, he’s nearing (if not already in) his prime. Recently, he attacked the owner of the WWE (Vince McMahon). He brutalized the old man and we were all anxiously waiting for the rest of the family (also with powerful executive roles) to respond. This past Monday, they did just that. It made for horrible story-telling.

Basically, Orton found a loop hole to prevent himself from being fired for his actions. Firing him would cause a bad chain reaction – a lot of legal mumbo jumbo. He begged to be fired to the boss’s daughter, to which she responded, “…too easy…” So what happened next?

This is Shane McMahon:


Shane is Vince’s son. Shane McMahon is not an athlete. He has never been WWE Champion, nor a serious competitor either. He’s about 11 years Randy Orton’s senior. On Monday night, he walked into the ring and began throwing horrible punches at Randy Orton. A great deal of them did not land. Randy Orton has a group he formed with two other wrestlers who tried to aid him against Shane. After Shane fought them all off, being the lone warrior he is (not), Randy Orton was knocked unconscious. Repeating this makes me sick.

This is one of the worst examples of story-telling I can think of. Shane McMahon is not an active member of the roster. He’s a business man, actually, he’s daddy’s little boy. He should not be able to walk out to the ring and beat up on a main eventer. Even you non-wrestling fans should be able to see this. Imagine if Noah Bennet just walked up the Sylar on Heroes and punched his lights out. Imagine if Perry White kicked Superman’s ass because he was the boss! This is horrible! This story had so much momentum and this latest episode just took the wind out of the sails. I just had to complain, sorry.