Deathmatch of the Century!

Okay, here it is, the Death Match of the Century:

Bees Vs. Peas

bees.jpg VS. peas.jpg

Now, this fight started off as a big joke. They rhymed, so I figured what the hey. Think about it though…Bees have stingers, but if a bee stings something, the bee dies…Would the epidermus of a pea however hold strong enough to get the job done? Would the poison from the sting affect the pea? How could a bee win really? Peas aren’t very active, how do you know when you’ve beaten a pea. The bees would have to overpower the pea. On the other hand, what offense could the peas mount? Would the stable defense be enough? I vote for peas in the end, but I leave it up to you people. I want you to vote and tell me who would win. There can be only one! â™ 


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