Cults, Music and a whole lot of Thriller!


I took some time to reflect on things and boy howdy…I’m PISSED as can be at so many things, and I have grown to appreciate some things as well. It’s the year of the Rooster baby, and you know something, guess whose a fucking Rooster! That’s right M2J – COCK A DOODLE WHOO! So let’s not waste ANY time, let’s get to it!


FUCK The Falun Gong gang! Fuck them in their stupid asses. Let me tell you something, I didn’t mind mind them botherin me every day, handing me the same “paper” each time I took the train (much). I didn’t mind them with their silly costume protests near city hall (much). But Jesus Christ, one day, after a long day’s work, I got on the bus, and these fuckers packed the damn thing! This was where I stopped being sympathetic, and wanting them all dead! I wanted them dead so I could have some God-Damn breathing room on the bus. Those mother fuckers! They had their signs and everything, taking up room my room! If they had just fucking skipped the matching gay blue jackets and materials to make the signs and the costumes and cages and whatever else they had, they coulda made an investment in their own fucking Van, and GOTTEN OFF OF MY BUS! Why are they protesting here anyway? This shit is goin down in China! We don’t give a shit! Forgetting the fact that they’re allowed to do whatever they want here, so they should just live here and practice their silly nonsense (wait they do, so they should just shut up), we’re busy Americans, BUSY NEW YORKERS! I’m trying to make ends meet over here and these fuckers want me to stop and read their nutty journalism? The icing on the cake is it’s ALL A FARSE! Yeah their “peaceful meditaion tribe” is actually a fucked up cult. The leader of the Falun Dafa Cult believes that inter-racial breeding and homosexuality is a devious plot by aliens to make sure that humans do not make it to heaven. I shit you not. Sickos, ONE!


Michael Jackson is a nice, soft spoken guy, I’m not… see where this is goin? Yo FUCK ALL YOU FUCKERS! You know I noticed that increasingly all of the alligations hold no evidence. They found porn in the mother fucker’s house, so WHAT? My mom had fucking porn, you think she reads porn? No everyone just has it. I remember when I was watching something about Jean-Benay Ramsey, a reported said, “They found golf clubs in one of the closets of the Ramsey house, possibly used for beating her with.” WTF? You can make that argument about anything! Think back to the Simpsons, when Homer was accused of sexual harrassment. “Marge put the cat out earlier. Possibly because it was sexually harrassed, we don’t know. Well fuck that! It was about that level of stupidity. ANYWAY, bottom line is, all the things they say Michael Jackson does…never has anything to show for it. I was watching a special on VH1, apparently he put a phone call in to Webster a few times, but the last time he was masturbating…BULLSHIT. Sorry, he’s Michael Jackson. As for his weird-traits…has anyone reading this ever worked in a theatric surrouning? Everyone who does art and theatre is kinda weird. I’m sorry, but it’s true…it comes with the territory. They all dress weird and speak funny, not a bad thing, there’s just a certain vibe. He’s a theatre person, period. Obviously no one who reports these things in Hollywood has ever dealt with creative minds before.


Was this not the greatest album ever? Seriously, it had something for everybody! To this day, I can’t think of a better soundtrack than the Mortal Kombat Soundtrack.

Track 1 – A Taste of things to come…you hear this track and you realize, after track one, the action hasn’t even started again. We hear Shang Tsung’s great voice and it really is a taste of things to come! When I first hear this song, I pissed my pants.

Track 2 – Goodbye by Gravity Kills…Awesome break up song, crisp sound.

Track 3 – KMFDM – Joint Juke Jezebel! Some of the finest industrial music ever.

Track 4 – Unlearn – Psykosonic – not really M2J Style, but I’m sure someone else out there loved it.

Track 5 – Traci Lords – Control…WOW, an Anthem of Techno music is all I got to say. Anyone who doesn’t like this song…either deaf or should be dead. For the first track I pissed, this one, I actually came.

Track 6 – Halcyon + On + On by Orbital, is the best song ever. Hackers tried to steal it, but Hackers sucks, that’s a whole other rant entirely though. Bottom line, have sex to this song.

Track 7 – The Utah Saints “Take On” the theme to Mortal Kombat…brilliant thing to do. This song was also the best song ever. The quotes, the melody, God, I’m speechless

Track 8 – The Invisible — G//Z/R – More not M2J Style, but hey…you can’t with them all.

Track 9 – Fear Factory, Zero Signal – Being a lil country boy, I didn’t know much about Fear Factory…then I came across this. Can you say, “Milestone?” Well, needless to say, it’s Fear Factory!

Track 10 – Again…M2J Style wasn’t present here, but you know what they say…One Man’s Sunset is Another Man’s Dawn…

Track 11 – Type O with a lil Blood and a lil Fire…Come on…Type O Always delivers the goods.

Track 12 – I Reject – Bile…booo, 1

Track 13 – Twist the Knife by Napalm Death…The last song on the list that is not M2J Style. Not a bad ratio if you ask me.

Track 14 – WHAT U SEE!? YOW! Mutha’s Day Out kicked some major fuckin ass here. To this day, I still pop this on when it’s time to feel aggressive!

Track 15 – Techno Syndrome by the Immortals…the song of song. Another best song ever…this was there and kicked in right when the shit was on. Shang Tsung and fuckin Liu Kang ready to rock and or roll…intense battle, intense music.

Track 16 – Goro Vs. Art, by Buckethead…One thing I will complain about…the placement of this song, didn’t flow, I would have switched the order up a bit…but that says nothing about my liking of the song, which, as you should have guessed…kicked ass!

Track 17 – Final Track, Final Kombat – More music that just totally reeks of awesomeness. This …and the first track, we make by the legendary P. Funk…who you could play as in NBA Jam if you knew the code. Anyway, by the time this song was on, I was so rattled with excitement, that I shit my pants and threw up…and a mysterious new bodily fluid was created and discharged from my ears, solely as a result of listening to this album, which is an experience so unique it can only be replicated by me listening to this album again.

Peace out all you miserable lil’ punkfaggots.

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