I am officially a Zune fan!

Picture from Zuneworld.comAt some point recently, Microsoft realized that the brown-colored Zune wasn’t ever going to sell…at least not at the price they were asking. Wisely, someone decided to drop the price to $99. At 30 Gigabytes with the ability to play both video and music, compatible with tons of file formats, suddenly it wasn’t looking so bad. I grabbed one of these babies and fired it up. Nice screen, interface wasn’t pretty, but it got the job done. The Zune also has Wifi, in case anyone reading was recently living under a rock, and can send and receive songs to other Zunes. Oddly enough I found someone at work had a Zune, yet still have no idea who they are, just that they have a Zune. I sent them a song and they sent back one. Weird, just like the commercials. Anyway, the big draw of the Zune (to me) was that it would allow for upgrading the firmware to the newer version to be found on the 2007 Zunes. This was a good move. The navigation grew more sensible, the visual candy got a little sweeter as well. Podcasting support was implemented, which was also a really cool move (I know those of you who like will appreciate that). Best of all, is the wireless syncing. You can now put songs on the Zune simply over Wifi, without connecting it to the computer via USB. Once this is setup it’s pretty awesome, especially if you have limited USB real estate on your machine like I’m actually beginning to have. So if you can get passed the somewhat clunky and brown aspects of the Zune, I say buy one! 30 gigs, 100 dollars…Wifi syncing, if there’s one leap I can say I think the Zune has made passed the iPod world, it’s that one. If you really can’t get passed it, well, maybe look at the newer ones. They’re not so ugly anymore. You may find you like the iPod less after moving to another platform. You done good Microsoft, you done real good.

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